Transactional SMS procured as part of bulk SMS and refer to those electronic messages informing potential customers about the necessary information pertaining to the use of selected product or some specific service. Besides, one can also choose transactional SMS service to notify customers about some important event or about some activity or dues to be received from them. To elaborate it further, Trai defines transactional communication enabled through SMS which originates from a business enterprise and is meant for its customers informing them about some specific business event (transaction) being made.

Businesses thus choose transactional SMS route to leverage such high end technology for lucrative business prospects. In a nutshell, transactional SMS service are best and the most cost effective way to accomplish the following:

To send regular notifications and reminders,

Messages are relayed swiftly and are guaranteed to be delivered to the intended recipient,

One can also avail HTTP SMS API’s accessibility,

SMS can be both template based as well non template based ones,

Dedicated 6 digital alphabetical sender ID as LM-ADSOFT TECH,

Unique sender ID is available for distinct brands,

Easy management of SMS operations,

Transactional route remains active 24X7,

Extremely cost effective in nature while group functionality is ascertained in a dedicated manner,

Documentation is needed for DND undertaking for enabling transactions routes,

Customers can be sent SMS through DND (Do not Disturb)enabled numbers and so forth.

Hence, when a renowned bulk SMS vendor is being aligned with, during some strategic business policy, SMBs or organizations can draw many of the benefits through this way, such as the following:

Swift bulk SMS management,

High end infrastructure and extremely latest components are employed to accomplish the process quickly and with full fledged acknowledgement,

Devoted team of technical experts to overlook the integrated communication process,

Weekly and monthly reporting and analysis of return of investment from a business side,

Supreme automation in public dealings,

Widespread popularity due to ease of transaction and owing to quality customer service.

Below is the list of instances which qualify to be called as transactional SMS service:

Airlines or Railways or their registered agencies notifying passengers about the travel schedule, reservations or about cancellations,

Notifications and alerts sent out by the Banks and leading financial institutions about the transactions made with the bank. This way, it is usefulto customers in maintaining records about balance details in an efficient and in most handy manner.

Likewise, many of the companies also secure transaction SMS services, as a part o their bulk SMS service in order to secure widespread awareness but at minimal costs.

Messages delivered to students from the universities and other academic institutions about the exam dates, fee dues, last dates for form submission, results and so forth.

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