Emails have emerged as the most useful and widely explicit tool for the purpose of pulling up a massive brand building across the horizon. Besides, there is involves least effort but pretty interesting method of carrying out research and analysis and then emailing potential clients or customers about their services and service features and efficiency. Unlike the bygone era, when businesses and companies struggled to seek coverage in leading journals, newspapers and magazines, today’s businesses have scores of sophisticated media to proliferate their brand building. Hence, with abounding proficiency in drafting attractive emails and in accomplishing transactional emails, Adfost Private limited has emerged on the forefront of email marketing or bulk email Delhi services. With exceptional transactional email services, massive brand building and business popularity can be ensured within minimum time but with supreme literary proficiency. Hence, from availing the bulk email services Delhi (or transactional emails), a business can easily pull up huge amount of sales, expand its customer base and can secure immense product popularity in a short time.

Transactional emails primarily indicate towards the authenticity of a transaction being made and hence are the record for key business actions. We are bulk email provider and by availing our services, network service of an email can be utilized for the maximum benefit of the businesses and through our expertise, we shall procure the rich business dividends for the businesses.

The salient features of our transactional email services are as mentioned below:

Appealing Email Templates: We have designed and developed a lot of appealing email templates which can be used as the framework for final drafts and which would inculcate heavily upon the customers.

Friendly Panel Ensuring WYSIWYG: Users are allowed to use their logo while they are logged into the panel and in this way, they can easily extend sales by their own brands and can ensure brand popularity.

Images Upload With Ease: Auto switcher tasks are being managed by SMPP from backend and hence upload and downloads are properly balanced and take place in a proficient manner.

Swift email optimization: Users are enabled to make use of an array of useful services from a single web panel such as Promo, SMS, Transactional SMS, Voice Call, Miss Calls, IVR and so forth.

Personalized Emails (bulk emails): Users are allowed to log in to their email accounts from website and hence the need for appointing a A-Record is no longer there.

Email Templates Can Be Reused: Appealing and immaculately designed email template can be re-used for subsequent emails as wll.

API Developer Is Provided: You are empowered to schedule an email beforehand and draft it with desired wording. Consequently, desired email would be relayed at stipulated time and to the desired person as specified during the API schedule.

Emails can be Scheduled Easily:

Pop-up and Inbox Previews are Enabled.

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