Long code services are offered at most reasonable prices. A long code is a 10 digit number which is just like any ordinary mobile number and it is meant for mobile users to send SMS on such numbers, while prefixing the dedicated KEYWORD such as “Buy”, Sell”, “Adsoft” and so forth.

A proficient long code service enables a business person to receive the response from potential customers. Further, one would need to align his API with such application if he intends to receive voice broadcasting and exceptional web service.

As such, the proficient service of Long code Delhi is designed to generate strong business leads, traffic to website and to ensure customer replies but in a timely manner. However, when the customers or the subscribers are assigned the long codes, such may hardly be memorised unlike the short codes, but nonetheless, the long code service is accessible on extremely lower charges and businesses find it easier to deal than the short codes. Further, such long codes can be accessed from anywhere in the world and then it can be implied in a lot many cases.

Prominent Long Code Service Provider in Delhi:

At Hind Adsoft Private limited, we provide exceptional services pertaining to Long Code services and our engineers are pretty proficient in it. The salient features of our Long Code service are as mentioned below:

Entirely compliant to TRAI regulations,

Instant delivery of Long Code SMS,

One dedicated and unique keyword is assigned which is turned out to be pretty competitive one from business perspective,

Dedicated and user-friendly control panel to each of our clients,

Leading SMS service provider in Delhi NCR,

Email reporting is provided and weekly and monthly reports are also being sent to clients with insightful comments and useful suggestions for business expansion,

We also extend 24X7 dedicated support,

Promotional Long code SMS and bulk SMS to potential customers,

We can ensure umpteen number of sub keywords also,

Replies to be sent can be customized with our bulk SMS service API,

Exclusive bulk SMS gateway in Delhi NCR,

Messages can be customized as per clients request and most appealing wording are selected for massive business conversion,

Finally, we have enabled scores of monthly, quarterly as well as annual plans for companies and businesses to make the most cost effective and most fruitful ofbusiness decisions,

Currently long code SMS are applied in the following areas:

By universities and prominent academic institutions for providing useful info to students such as exam dates, results, fee dues and so forth.

By renowned hospital chains to validate doctors’ appointment and for other record keeping,

By Advertising agencies,

In Media and entertainment field for enabling the victorious candidates,

To enable SMS chats,

By mobile service providers for informing subscribers about latest services and balance accounts and other deductions and so forth.

Our clients