E-commerce the short for electronic commerce, is trading in products or services that is using computer networks, such as the Internet. Mobile commerce, electronic data interchange(EDI), electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, inventory, Internet marketing, online transaction processing and automated data collection systems are the major technologies on which the Electronic commerce is dependent to be developed. For at least one part of the transaction's life cycle Modern E-commerce typically uses the WWW (World Wide Web), although it may also use other technologies such as e-mail.

A lot more preparation is demanded for Building an ecommerce business. The dramatic increase in the chances for success depends upon the planning you have done before starting. Start by creating a realistic business plan. After you composed your e-commerce plan it is wise to get your thought processes reviewed by several experienced business advisors.

Facilitating the take-off of B2B in developing countries is important because of the opportunity for growth that it represents. After all, if e-commerce matters for development it is not because it is a fancier or more convenient way to go shopping: e-commerce matters because it allows enterprises to generate efficiency gains at all the stages of their production and distribution processes. It is these gains, made essential through the adoption of B2B and e-business practices, that count for development, because they translate into improved competitiveness for enterprises and higher levels of productivity, and hence incomes for the economy as a whole.

If you plan to sell anything online, having an e-commerce plan is as important as your original business plan.

A well-thought-out site outline includes:
Content, Structure, Design, Navigation and Credibility
An outline helps you get the most out of your website e-commerce budget. It also help you determine whether you, or someone in your company, can design portions of the website, or if you need to solicit outside help. That way, when you hire someone, it will be for only the parts of the job that you'll need to have outsourced.

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